In the ghetto, freedom ain’t free, and life is costly; at a drop of a dime you might have to pay its price. Save enough dimes and you might have enough to get a ’40 oz’ from the liquor sto’. “Pray to God everyday for some new revenue…”, Doctur Dot of the ATL hiphop duo, EarthGang(Doctur Dot, and Johnny Venus), raps in the Chad Tennies and Mac Grant directed video ‘Liquor Sto”. EarthGang’s soulful melody is enriched with the affectionate harmony of Marian Mereba. The Sky Sense instrumental of piano keys, snare drums, and 808s plays as a soundtrack to the Spillage Village Records duo’s visceral visual-allegory;

There’s just a boy in the hood, his pockets full of lint, mind fully stocked up on curiosity, and ignorance-no more room for innocence. Momma Correta told him to stay in school, education is free. At the liquor sto’ there’s Hennessy on the top shelf, a pistol at the side of the building, and “free” money behind the register on the tall counter. One option is within his reach. The boy thinks that pulling a trigger isn’t difficult, besides, there are lost boys in Sudan his age and they do it all the time with AK-47s. Earthgang’s video lets it be known that at the liquor store you must be 21 and up to get a ’40 oz’, but any one can get a bullet, no matter the price.

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