12AM-perfect timing-Congratulationskyler and his throwback ADIDAS windbreaker arrive fashionably late to producer Jay Jumpin’s party of an instrumental in Congratulationskyler’s music video ‘PG UP’ directed by Pablo Vasquez. The rapper grooves through the crowd of wonky phasers, stumbling inebriated xylophones, bubbly percussions, as well as a mosh of cymbals crashing into one another. He drifts towards the goddess that’s just being cool in the melodic mix of funk and debauchery. The conversation begins PG before the mutual infatuation matures into lust and parental discretion becomes advised. A quarter til’ 3AM, Congratulationskyler’s charismatic verses end along with inhibitions as the courtship continues with the two zooming to the back of his Buick for pleasure galore.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com