“I’m a Gemini” Shemarr, the 21 yr old Florida rapper and producer mentions to me. We sit in the greenroom of Soundbar with his sister, grandmother, mother, and friends discussing passions, motivations, and music. It becomes apparent the Gemini’s enthusiasm helps him craft each of his songs, meticulously ironing out details even to the late hours like an insomniac.

Photo By Patrick Funom

Shemarr is gearing up for his first headline show – his 2nd show in total, opening for Childish Major being his first.

It takes a strong foundation to build. Shemarr’s foundation consists of family and friends that populated the crowd of his first headline show for TSA Showcase.


Shemarr jumps from the shadows of backstage to the limelight of center stage as the beat from his top streamed song “Sleep” drops. The Deltona, Florida resident starts his show off with a bang and an ax kick to the mic stand, setting a spirited precedent.

Video By Patrick Funom

Shemarr’s energy never wains, he performs his heart out to his songs such as: “Balenciaga,” “Lanes,” and some unreleased songs from his upcoming album.

The young artist doesn’t care if it’s one person, ten people, or ten thousand people in the audience. His level of performance is consistent as his joy comes from seeing the audience’s enjoyment and appreciation for what he’s building. Shemarr feeds off that type of energy. With all that energy from his foundation, Shemarr can do this all day.

photo by Jerry Hunley

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Checkout our playlist of the event we put together to give readers a better sense of the night!

Photos by Jerry Hunley

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