Rapper City Tucker zigged and zagged from KC to Orlando possessing the wisdom from an #OG, “Get you some money, ain’t nothin’ for free”. His grandma’s words got him out the living room in search for a clean slate. As a blank page, City is able to write his journey on his tape ‘Untitled EP’. City treks through rugged content contrast with Too $hort inspired bouncy beats, woozy jazz instrumentals, and trippy synth heavy instrumentals from producers Lord Fresco, Daminjin Myndz, Cultr, AintUsedTa, and BeatGodZom. However, City’s road trip isn’t a solo one. Solo cups, bars, and zig zags in plenty-the enticing goodies are shared with stoner chicks, and the friends he meets across the 9 track acoustic path. Early on, Marcellus Juvann is met on the illusively chipper single ‘No Ragrets’, as the blunt content filled of experiences with dubious characters is delivered with chip free shoulders. #Two9’s Curtis Williams soon joins the party on single ‘Living Room’. Master Thom later joins the trip before the record ‘Trippin’ on the terrorizing ‘I$WT’. Alongside Palmer Reed,CityTucker’s Untitled EP comes to an end with 28 Gramz, a potent anthem for his surrogate city Orlando, FL. A place he now titles as home.

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com