Aminé lands on the west coast-bounce instrumental with no apprehension, followed by the sweet, sexy, and savage vocals of Kehlani with an “attitude like khaleesi”. The two have natural chemistry in the duet ‘Heebiejeebies’, a follow-up to Aminé’s ‘REDMERCEDES’ remix with Missy Elliot and London rapper AJ TraceyAminé and Kehlani’s verses circle one another, the two artists dotting each others ‘i’ in an infectious ballad that’ll spread like the cooties.

Aminé explains the randomness of how the song ‘Heebiejeebies’ came to fruition:

 “I walked in because I thought we were just meeting, you know just to have lunch or something. They were just like, ‘Do you wanna make a song?’ They played me that beat, and I started writing to it, and then [Kehlani] was in the room so she just jumped on it, and then it kinda just happened really naturally…. I didn’t come to the studio session with a laptop or anything, I just came with my phone in my hand. It was cool though.” – Amine

Checkout the remix to Aminé’s ‘REDMERCEDES’ remix with Missy Elliot and London rapper AJ Tracey below. Also, be sure to catch Khelani as she comes to Florida for the last stop of her SweetSexySavage tour in July.

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