“Listen as the G5 jet lands! Out pops former 98kb member A.K.A. Zae, and Swamp Posse R&B singer Pat Woods arriving to their lavish song ‘I Just Want It All’. The two are cheerfully welcomed by a calamity of claps, booming kick drums, and an array of awe inducing synths. This is where grinding gets you, in today’s episode of ‘Lifestyle Of The Rich & Famous’!. The billionaire bachelors confidently strut down the velvety smooth melody designed by the Donato Beats, “I’m finally real lifeing it” we hear Zae rap, reminiscing when they began with only pockets full of catchy lyrics,  but now the world is in the palm of their hands!”.


Zae’s alarm clock buzzes. It’s 5AM. Out pops the Orlando, FL rapper from bed, ready to grind. Another day, another dollar, another step closer to the stars.

Mixed & recorded at Plush Studios by Ian Matthews
Cover Art by T_R3llz

Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com