“Put your hands up!” a command from a man hiding behind the thin veil of prejudice in his suit of blue. God’s green earth is at a state of constant change, those with fright and an unwillingness to weather the shifts will always seek false shelter behind prejudice, that’s just the way it is. Miami, FL hiphop collective, Rap Supreme, are young and wise in their own regard. In their single, Calm, Rap Supreme reminds us about the power of perspective and comply with the command, opposed to running from a problem towards certain death. One can experience calm, just gaze into the eye of a storm where Rap Supreme’s graceful harmony remains un-wavered by the downpour of hi-hats and echoey cymbals, partnered with the snippet of a soul trapped in the hysteria sporadically calling out with a ghastly “hey!”, and an off-key piano chord, omnipotently dictating the spirited speed of the instrumental. It’s in the calm where you’ll receive astute lyrics regarding our world today, a time when some throw their hands up in defeat, yet others, like the titan Atlas, put their hands up, reaching for the sky, as to keep our world from collapsing. It’s all about perspective.


Patrick Funom is the Editor In Chief of 8Pounds.com